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Move Fast Without Breaking Things

Hope is not a strategy. To scale your applications and deploy faster, you need a team that can help you achieve your business goals without sacrificing security or reliability. Let Dinohead’s Site Reliability pros help you move fast without breaking things.

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What is Site Reliability Engineering?

DevOps has become an overloaded term in the technology field. Most large IT organizations struggle to blend Development and Operations teams. That’s where Site Reliability Engineering comes in. Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) is what happens when operations are treated as a Software Engineering problem.


True agility comes from repeatable processes. At Dinohead, we’re not in the business of unscrambling eggs; we’re in the business of creating reliable systems through automation.


Reduce the time from committed code to deployment using the latest Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment tools. We specialize in helping development teams push features faster and more reliably.

Hybrid Cloud

Deploy your applications on a combination of public or private clouds. Let us help you abstract your resources using automation and self-service portals so that your services can be deployed anywhere.

A Leader In The Industry

Whether your a lean startup looking to scale or a large corporation seeking increased agility, Dinohead’s SREs are here to help. Our engineers are versed at assisting companies large and small break down the walls between Development and Operations.

Committed to Federal Partners

Accelerating technology in the government can be a unique challenge. Dinohead’s experienced SREs are experts at bringing industry experience to Government projects. Our engineers can navigate complex security- and compliance-focused landscapes.

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